Custom Magnetics

Custom Manufactured Magnetics: Inductors, Toroids, Coils, Transformers & Chokes

Inductors, Inc. can help you with your custom magnetic sourcing. We are capable of producing a wide array of state of the art custom magnetic components using the highest quality materials. You can rely on us to be communicative and technically competent. We can react quickly to changes in build or deliveries due to our short supply chain. Product types include Inductors, Differential Mode Chokes, Common Mode Chokes, Current Sense Transformers, SMPS, Power Transformers, Air Coils, High Frequency Ferrite Power Transformers, Antenna Coils & Hi-Rel.

Samples can be provided at your request and typically do not involve any charges unless exotic, specialty materials are required. Most low volume orders are shipped within 3-4 weeks after receipt of order when raw materials are readily available.

We are the premier name in magnetic and inductive technology

We can work hand-in-hand from project inception to production or simply build to existing specification. Our production facilities are capable of handling anything from single piece orders up to one million. Quick turnaround prototypes are available. We are constantly striving to decrease our lead-times.

We offer expert engineering design assistance. Utilize our knowledge of available materials and design techniques to see your project through or just to troubleshoot and get a second opinion. We have a wide array of production capabilities. Often times the success or failure of a project relies upon the knowledge of existing material. We have extensive knowledge of existing material types across a wide array of existing manufacturers.

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